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James Cone on the Liberation of Love

[Martin Luther King Jr’s] dependence on the analysis of love found in liberal theology and his confidence that the ‘universe is on the side of justice’ seem not to take seriously white violence in America. James Cone, _God of the … Continue reading

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James Cone on the Uses and Limits of Karl Barth

Following up on the previous few posts, here is James Cone discussing why Barth’s criticisms are helpful for oppressors but not the oppressed: Of course, black theology is aware of the danger of identifying the word of human beings with … Continue reading

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Theology and Ideology (more thoughts on James Cone)

Theologians must continually ask: “How do we distinguish our words about God from God’s Word…our dreams and aspirations from the work of the Spirit” (Cone, God of the Oppressed, 77). Each theological movement challenges some other movement for its ideological … Continue reading

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