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The 99% or Main Street?

A quick thought before I continue reading through David Harvey’s The Condition of Postmodernity for this morning’s fun: The language of “the 99%” is a welcome relief to the previous talk of “Wall St.” v. “Main St,” or the even … Continue reading

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Troy Davis: Executions and Precarious Black Life

“Troy Davis reminds us that there are American citizens — and then there are African-American citizens.” I’ve waited a few days to post anything about the execution of Troy Davis, trying to wrap my head around his execution, as well … Continue reading

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Borders and Belonging: thoughts on racist internationalism

Yesterday, I read an excellent piece by Stuart Elden, Territory without Borders. Elden argues that the construction of territory–or space–precedes the construction of borders. In his words: It is the understanding of political space that is fundamental, and the idea … Continue reading

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Voice of the Voiceless

It’s wonderful when you find an artistic rendering of some of the questions and concerns you’ve been mulling over for a few years. This song, from the British Iraqi rapper, LowKey, and featuring Immortal Technique (from Harlem), is brilliant. The … Continue reading

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