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unmasking the unmasked

In “Unmasked!”, Cixous examines the Theatre as a place free from misogyny, a space free from “countless symptoms, stiffness, blindness, treachery, uneasiness, hypocrisy, death and rape drives, denial” (179).  What I find interesting, and want to look at briefly, is … Continue reading

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Second Time Around, with the Help of Cixous

“Broken men, we dare to use unbroken language.  We must not forget that we are speaking in parables and after the manner of men [Rom 6:18]” Karl Barth, __Commentary on Romans__, 221. “At a gallop, the snail!  We scribble while crawling in … Continue reading

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Pragmatic Identity

“The Gospel of Christ is a shattering disturbance, an assault which brings everything into question”  Karl Barth, __The Epistle to the Romans__, 225. “We are under grace, and we are ourselves the objective of its attack” Karl Barth, 216.   … Continue reading

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utopian genocide

“Genocide, after all, is an exercise in community building…[Genocide] was promoted as a way not to create suffering but to alleviate it.  The specter of an absolute menace that requires absolute eradication binds leader and people in a hermetic utopian … Continue reading

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Telling History: Barth and Foucault

“History is a synthetic work of art.  History emerges from what has occurred, and has one single, unified theme.”  Karl Barth, __The Epistle to the Romans__, 146. People generally assume that “postmodernism,” whatever else it might be, is a suspicion … Continue reading

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Civilizing the World: Missionaries, Hutus, and Tutsis

During the “exploration” and colonization of Africa, European intellectuals kept stumbling upon a disturbing fact:  the Africans were not always the uncivilized brutes they ought to have been.  According to racist ideology–summarized beautifully and disturbingly by Hegel–true Africa (and Africans) … Continue reading

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Blog? Welcome…

School is over.  Yet I find myself more theologically troubled than when I began.  Like most students–at least most MTS students–I entered Divinity School with strong theological convictions and high goals for further theological work.  Yet, as I think back … Continue reading

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