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Freedom Not Yet: Ch. 3 & Occupy Wall St.

Why do they occupy Wall St. instead of targeting D.C.? The third chapter in Surin’s book can be read as providing an answer to this “postpolitical” situation by turning to post-WWII economic history. The shift from the homo politicus to … Continue reading

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Freedom Not Yet: Ch. 2 (an interaction)

This second chapter can be seen as a response to the criticisms, or alternative reading, I offered regarding the first chapter. To my claim that the “revolutionary subject” cannot be configured at the site of “the human” but in the … Continue reading

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Freedom Not Yet: Ch. 1 (an interaction)

In the place of the Citizen Subject posited as an ideal by the liberal democratic political systems of the past two centuries by and large now stands a new kind of ideal subject, to wit, a consumer subject cajoled and … Continue reading

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