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Dead-Africa, Global Charity, and Neo-Colonial Power

The Theology and Critical Race theory facebook page recently posted this article on how, despite improvements, Western media and NGO’s still portray Africa as desperately impoverished, backwards, and teetering on the verge of death and collapse. The article considers various … Continue reading

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Barth and the Death Contract

In His dying, the dying which awaits us in the near or distant future was already comprehended and completed, so that we can no longer die to ourselves (Rom. 14:2f.), in our own strength and at our own risk, but … Continue reading

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Trinity Sunday: a brief reflection (God is free to be God far away from God)

It’s Trinity Sunday, and for those of you who might wonder why Christians believe in the Trinity, and who won’t be satisfied with the explanation that it’s traditional, orthodox, or taught by Scripture, here is a brief explanation of one … Continue reading

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Native Son and The Christological Determination of Death

The third part of Native Son begins with Bigger in jail (for the murder and alleged rape of a white woman), in a trance that was “not so much a stupor…[as] a deep physiological resolution not to react to anything.” This … Continue reading

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The Theological Contours of Rihanna’s “Man Down”: pulling the trigger on rape culture

Rihanna’s video “Man Down” not only draws out the dire consequences facing us in a culture of rape, it also exposes the theological contours of the problem. In my previous post, I suggested that Rihanna’s character faces a kind of … Continue reading

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The Political Contours of Rihanna’s “Man Down”: pulling the trigger on rape culture

Recently Rihanna has been criticized for her music video, “Man Down,” for narrating a story in which a woman murders a man who has raped her. Katie at the Women in Theology blog has posted some thoughts on the double … Continue reading

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The Pleasures of (seeing) Life in Death: on torture

I didn’t attend the recent conference on torture but in her reflections on it, Amy Laura Hall mentioned an important question that was raised: why do we like to watch torture? More specifically, I have been thinking about 24 and … Continue reading

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