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Layers of Complex Things (Jay-Z and Fanon)

I stumbled onto this interview with Jay-Z and thought it was an extremely important reminder and touchstone for my own theological work, especially as I have been laboring to understand Fanon and his insistence on the “open dimension” of human … Continue reading

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Theology, Beauty, and Race (a couple thoughts)

I’m married to an artist, find myself in the company of various artists, and have a few friends studying theology and the arts. One of these friends recently posted a humble 9.5 theses on beauty–a mere tenth of Luther’s audacious … Continue reading

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MLK on Life in Social Death

“And so being a Negro in American is not a comfortable existence. It means being a part of the company of the bruised, the battered, the scarred and the defeated. Being a Negro in America means trying to smile when … Continue reading

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