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The 99% or Main Street?

A quick thought before I continue reading through David Harvey’s The Condition of Postmodernity for this morning’s fun: The language of “the 99%” is a welcome relief to the previous talk of “Wall St.” v. “Main St,” or the even … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Justice: thoughts on Brueggemann and OWS

The doing of justice is the prophetic invitation to do what needs to be done to enable the poor and the disadvantaged and the neglected to participate in the resources and wealth of the community. Walter Brueggemann I added the … Continue reading

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Christ the Slave and Occupy Wall Street, or Why OWS Should Matter to Christians

Occupy Wall Street went global yesterday–and remember, it started globally too–but I wonder how many of our churches think it matters (and for a whole variety of reasons). I want to make an argument that OWS does matter, for us … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: from anti-corporatism to attacking racist-capitalism

Perhaps, as they are reduced to a fraction of a citizen, other Americans now catch a glimpse of what it means to be codified as only three-fifths of a person. Melissa Harris-Perry, “Are We All Black Americans Now?” In March … Continue reading

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Freedom Not Yet: Ch. 2 (an interaction)

This second chapter can be seen as a response to the criticisms, or alternative reading, I offered regarding the first chapter. To my claim that the “revolutionary subject” cannot be configured at the site of “the human” but in the … Continue reading

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Freedom Not Yet: Ch. 1 (an interaction)

In the place of the Citizen Subject posited as an ideal by the liberal democratic political systems of the past two centuries by and large now stands a new kind of ideal subject, to wit, a consumer subject cajoled and … Continue reading

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Concluding Domestic Spaces

I mentioned a little while ago that Skyler was unveiling a new series of paintings that examined the ways race, class, and nature are configured within the return to “domestic arts.” She’s concluded the series and provided a more formal … Continue reading

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Slaves, Laborers, and Medical Research on Black Children

Thus, one could say that slavery—the “accumulation” of Black bodies regardless of their utility as laborers through an idiom of despotic power—is closer to capital’s primal desire than is waged oppression—the “exploitation” of unraced bodies (Marx, Lenin, Gramsci) that labor through an idiom … Continue reading

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Cheering for Death and Other Forms of Culture Making

Republican audiences have become the main attraction in the recent presidential debates, in particular, the two moments of cheering for death. Whether cheering for executions or for the freedom to die (due to lack of public health care), death is … Continue reading

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Domestic Arts: The White Space(s) of Domestic Desires

I mentioned, back when I talked about art and imperialism, that my wife is an artist. She also blogs and has posted a new series she just finished, Domestic Spaces. Those interested in the return of “domestic arts” as a … Continue reading

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