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Writing, Not Blogging (still more on religion and death)

Why do we adore The Slaughtered Ox? Because without our knowing it or wanting it, it is our anonymous humanity. We are not Christ, never Christ…no I will not speak of this. –H. Cixous I have not been blogging but … Continue reading

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A Misbegotten Child? Christianity, Postmodernism, and the Secular State

Modern Continental philosophy is very much the misbegotten child of theology, indeed a kind of secularized theology; even at present its governing themes everywhere declare its filiation….There are theologians who believe theology has something to learn from and contribute to … Continue reading

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Two Tongues Behind These Teeth: reading scripture beyond mastery

Sometimes it’s easier to begin with words that are not mine, but belong to another–foreign, in a sense. Outside (foris), on the other side of the door (fores), coming from a far and distant land. In a quotation, the outside … Continue reading

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Can I wear your clothes? (missions and alienation)

Portrait of Nicolas Trigault in Chinese Costume, by Peter Paul Rubens, 1617 The early Jesuit missionaries to China translated themselves into the native garb. As a religious order, they first wore buddhist robes, projecting an image as new, religious messengers. … Continue reading

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Witnessing: Barth, Cixous, and the Art of Writing

“Witnessing means pointing in a specific direction beyond the self and on to another. Witnessing is thus service to this other in which the witness vouches for the truth of the other, the service which consists in referring to this … Continue reading

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unmasking the unmasked

In “Unmasked!”, Cixous examines the Theatre as a place free from misogyny, a space free from “countless symptoms, stiffness, blindness, treachery, uneasiness, hypocrisy, death and rape drives, denial” (179).  What I find interesting, and want to look at briefly, is … Continue reading

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Second Time Around, with the Help of Cixous

“Broken men, we dare to use unbroken language.  We must not forget that we are speaking in parables and after the manner of men [Rom 6:18]” Karl Barth, __Commentary on Romans__, 221. “At a gallop, the snail!  We scribble while crawling in … Continue reading

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