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Politics and Presidential Passion

James K.A. Smith recently blogged about Mark Lilla’  NYT article regarding Obama’s overly intellectualized engagement with the world.  As Smith summarizes, Obama and others “lapse into the rationalist whine about people being governed by their passions and keep hoping they’ll … Continue reading

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Silencing Speech, Speaking in Tongues: Bonhoeffer and the Beginning of Theology

“Teaching about Christ begins in silence.”  D. Bonhoeffer Bonhoeffer begins his lectures–transcribed and formed into the book Christ the Center–with these words on the silent beginning of theology.  It’s a complicated opening. The silence that precedes “teaching about Christ” cannot … Continue reading

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The Promise and Failure of "the Secular"

One of the strange features in the Milbank article discussed in my previous post was his mention of the necessity to physically defend “the physical space” of the church “in the name of secular justice.”  This surprising endorsement of “the … Continue reading

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