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On Violence: James Cone and Martin Luther King Jr.

In the last post, I quoted James Cone, who had this critique of Martin Luther King Jr.’s perspectives on violence and nonviolent: [Martin Luther King Jr’s] dependence on the analysis of love found in liberal theology and his confidence that … Continue reading

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MLK on Life in Social Death

“And so being a Negro in American is not a comfortable existence. It means being a part of the company of the bruised, the battered, the scarred and the defeated. Being a Negro in America means trying to smile when … Continue reading

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Refusing to be Outsiders: Fanon, Islam, and the (White) Christian West

What’s all this about black people and a black nationality?  I am French.  I am interested in French culture, French civilization, and the French.  We refuse to be treated as outsiders; we are well and truly part of French history … Continue reading

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