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Concluding Domestic Spaces

I mentioned a little while ago that Skyler was unveiling a new series of paintings that examined the ways race, class, and nature are configured within the return to “domestic arts.” She’s concluded the series and provided a more formal … Continue reading

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Voice of the Voiceless

It’s wonderful when you find an artistic rendering of some of the questions and concerns you’ve been mulling over for a few years. This song, from the British Iraqi rapper, LowKey, and featuring Immortal Technique (from Harlem), is brilliant. The … Continue reading

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Domestic Arts: The White Space(s) of Domestic Desires

I mentioned, back when I talked about art and imperialism, that my wife is an artist. She also blogs and has posted a new series she just finished, Domestic Spaces. Those interested in the return of “domestic arts” as a … Continue reading

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The Political Contours of Rihanna’s “Man Down”: pulling the trigger on rape culture

Recently Rihanna has been criticized for her music video, “Man Down,” for narrating a story in which a woman murders a man who has raped her. Katie at the Women in Theology blog has posted some thoughts on the double … Continue reading

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Theology, Beauty, and Race (a couple thoughts)

I’m married to an artist, find myself in the company of various artists, and have a few friends studying theology and the arts. One of these friends recently posted a humble 9.5 theses on beauty–a mere tenth of Luther’s audacious … Continue reading

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A Misbegotten Child? Christianity, Postmodernism, and the Secular State

Modern Continental philosophy is very much the misbegotten child of theology, indeed a kind of secularized theology; even at present its governing themes everywhere declare its filiation….There are theologians who believe theology has something to learn from and contribute to … Continue reading

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Witnessing: Barth, Cixous, and the Art of Writing

“Witnessing means pointing in a specific direction beyond the self and on to another. Witnessing is thus service to this other in which the witness vouches for the truth of the other, the service which consists in referring to this … Continue reading

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