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Defending Marriage, Saving Civilization, and Eradicating the Gay Threat: the road to hate speech

You might have seen the terrifying video of a NC pastor expressing his disgust of the LGBTQ community and his proposed solution to quarantine them behind an electric fence, drop some food over, and let them die out. You can … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin, Looking at the Scene of Violence

With George Zimmerman released, much of the attention on the trial surrounds Florida’s “stand your ground” law and determining who “instigated” the violence. Much of the case is seen to hinge on this question, for, so it is assumed, whoever … Continue reading

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On Violence: James Cone and Martin Luther King Jr.

In the last post, I quoted James Cone, who had this critique of Martin Luther King Jr.’s perspectives on violence and nonviolent: [Martin Luther King Jr’s] dependence on the analysis of love found in liberal theology and his confidence that … Continue reading

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Slaves, Laborers, and Medical Research on Black Children

Thus, one could say that slavery—the “accumulation” of Black bodies regardless of their utility as laborers through an idiom of despotic power—is closer to capital’s primal desire than is waged oppression—the “exploitation” of unraced bodies (Marx, Lenin, Gramsci) that labor through an idiom … Continue reading

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On Suicide Bombing: Asad on Suicidal Civilization

In short, in Christian civilization, the gift of life for humanity is possible only through a suicidal death; redemption is dependent on cruelty or at least on the sin of disregarding human life. Talal Asad, On Suicide Bombing For Asad, … Continue reading

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Pacifism and Violence: Two More Thoughts on Why I’m not a Pacifist

I’ve appreciated the feedback and conversations on my previous post on pacifism. Please keep them coming–as I said, I’m not settled where I am but more recognizing where I am not any more (or where I never was). I mentioned … Continue reading

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Pacifism and Giving Death: Why I’m No Longer (or Never Was) a Pacifist

In society such as it functions one cannot live without killing, or at least without taking the preliminary steps for the death of someone. Consequently, the important question of the meaning of being is not: why is there something rather … Continue reading

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Native Son and The Christological Determination of Death

The third part of Native Son begins with Bigger in jail (for the murder and alleged rape of a white woman), in a trance that was “not so much a stupor…[as] a deep physiological resolution not to react to anything.” This … Continue reading

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The Theological Contours of Rihanna’s “Man Down”: pulling the trigger on rape culture

Rihanna’s video “Man Down” not only draws out the dire consequences facing us in a culture of rape, it also exposes the theological contours of the problem. In my previous post, I suggested that Rihanna’s character faces a kind of … Continue reading

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The Pleasures of (seeing) Life in Death: on torture

I didn’t attend the recent conference on torture but in her reflections on it, Amy Laura Hall mentioned an important question that was raised: why do we like to watch torture? More specifically, I have been thinking about 24 and … Continue reading

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