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Trayvon Martin, Looking at the Scene of Violence

With George Zimmerman released, much of the attention on the trial surrounds Florida’s “stand your ground” law and determining who “instigated” the violence. Much of the case is seen to hinge on this question, for, so it is assumed, whoever … Continue reading

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On Suicide Bombing: Asad on Suicidal Civilization

In short, in Christian civilization, the gift of life for humanity is possible only through a suicidal death; redemption is dependent on cruelty or at least on the sin of disregarding human life. Talal Asad, On Suicide Bombing For Asad, … Continue reading

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The Pleasures of (seeing) Life in Death: on torture

I didn’t attend the recent conference on torture but in her reflections on it, Amy Laura Hall mentioned an important question that was raised: why do we like to watch torture? More specifically, I have been thinking about 24 and … Continue reading

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Richard Wright, Life and the Threat of Death

To be a slave is to exist under the threat of death, where the master determines when, if, and how one might die. In this situation, the desire to live sustains the bondage. The looming threat of actual death transforms … Continue reading

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Barth, Literature, Religion and Death

As of late, I’ve returned to the questions that have generally been preoccupying me: religion, colonialism/racism, and death. I’ve started reading Barth again, on the atonement. I’m also trying to explore these themes in literature (thus continuing some of the … Continue reading

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