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Occupy the Seminaries? (Quick Thoughts on Two Recent Articles)

I have a few minutes before I need to get back to PhD applications. I’ve been more active on Twitter lately than here. However, I recently read two articles on OWS and seminaries and want to encourage people to read … Continue reading

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Theology, Beauty, and Race (a couple thoughts)

I’m married to an artist, find myself in the company of various artists, and have a few friends studying theology and the arts. One of these friends recently posted a humble 9.5 theses on beauty–a mere tenth of Luther’s audacious … Continue reading

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Writing, Not Blogging (still more on religion and death)

Why do we adore The Slaughtered Ox? Because without our knowing it or wanting it, it is our anonymous humanity. We are not Christ, never Christ…no I will not speak of this. –H. Cixous I have not been blogging but … Continue reading

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A Misbegotten Child? Christianity, Postmodernism, and the Secular State

Modern Continental philosophy is very much the misbegotten child of theology, indeed a kind of secularized theology; even at present its governing themes everywhere declare its filiation….There are theologians who believe theology has something to learn from and contribute to … Continue reading

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How the Church Lost Power (thoughts on some reviews)

A couple of recent books–one reviewed on The Other Journal and one reviewed on Per Caritatem–seem to develop what is now becoming a commonplace argument in theological circles.  In the effort to revitalize a kind of Christian politics that is … Continue reading

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Post-nationalistic Theology and Fictive Christian Ethnicity

There was recently a discussion at the Inhabitatio Dei blog about whether “postliberalism” was a defined and coherent school of thought.  Instead of searching for the commonality within one stream (“postliberalism”), I am interested in looking at a trajectory which … Continue reading

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On Milbank’s Imperialist Refusal of Difference

From the AUFS blog I saw that John Milbank has recently attributed the problems of “political Islam” to “the lamentably premature collapse of the Western colonial empires (as a consequence of the European wars);”  This should surprise no one, as … Continue reading

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utopian genocide

“Genocide, after all, is an exercise in community building…[Genocide] was promoted as a way not to create suffering but to alleviate it.  The specter of an absolute menace that requires absolute eradication binds leader and people in a hermetic utopian … Continue reading

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