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Trayvon Martin, Looking at the Scene of Violence

With George Zimmerman released, much of the attention on the trial surrounds Florida’s “stand your ground” law and determining who “instigated” the violence. Much of the case is seen to hinge on this question, for, so it is assumed, whoever … Continue reading

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Domestic Arts: The White Space(s) of Domestic Desires

I mentioned, back when I talked about art and imperialism, that my wife is an artist. She also blogs and has posted a new series she just finished, Domestic Spaces. Those interested in the return of “domestic arts” as a … Continue reading

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The Political Contours of Rihanna’s “Man Down”: pulling the trigger on rape culture

Recently Rihanna has been criticized for her music video, “Man Down,” for narrating a story in which a woman murders a man who has raped her. Katie at the Women in Theology blog has posted some thoughts on the double … Continue reading

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The Pleasures of (seeing) Life in Death: on torture

I didn’t attend the recent conference on torture but in her reflections on it, Amy Laura Hall mentioned an important question that was raised: why do we like to watch torture? More specifically, I have been thinking about 24 and … Continue reading

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Layers of Complex Things (Jay-Z and Fanon)

I stumbled onto this interview with Jay-Z and thought it was an extremely important reminder and touchstone for my own theological work, especially as I have been laboring to understand Fanon and his insistence on the “open dimension” of human … Continue reading

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A Misbegotten Child? Christianity, Postmodernism, and the Secular State

Modern Continental philosophy is very much the misbegotten child of theology, indeed a kind of secularized theology; even at present its governing themes everywhere declare its filiation….There are theologians who believe theology has something to learn from and contribute to … Continue reading

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How the Church Lost Power (thoughts on some reviews)

A couple of recent books–one reviewed on The Other Journal and one reviewed on Per Caritatem–seem to develop what is now becoming a commonplace argument in theological circles.  In the effort to revitalize a kind of Christian politics that is … Continue reading

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Beneath theo-politics, the racial other: Cameron and “the Arab” in Britain

I have wanted to respond to Prime Minister David Cameron’s last speech on the failures of “multiculturalism” and the plague of Islamic extremism inside of Britain.  Unfortunately, work kept me busy so here are a few thoughts, hopefully not too … Continue reading

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Living for the Flattest Part of My Soul: Césaire and Micah 6

The Old Testament reading today was from Micah 6: “‘With what shall I come before the Lord,    and bow myself before God on high? Shall I come before him with burnt-offerings,    with calves a year old? 7 Will the Lord be pleased … Continue reading

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Why Resettle Refugees?

I met with a pastor yesterday to talk about how his church could be involved with refugees. He mentioned that he had previously helped about refugees from Laos. He talked about how the government had armed locals to fight, promising … Continue reading

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