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Fanon, Said, and the attack on the Christian World

In a chapter on Edward Said and secularism, Gil Anidjar ends with the startling claim that one should not understand Said as a proponent of secularism but instead as an anti-Christian thinker. To summarize a constellation of arguments I frequently … Continue reading

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Secular Dogmatics? (Continuing thoughts on Fanon as Theologian)

At the beginning of his enormous Church Dogmatics, Karl Barth argues that theology can and should consider itself “a science.” As someone shaped by interdisciplinary studies, I found myself a bit suspicious–who cares if it is “a science?” Nevertheless, Barth … Continue reading

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Reading Fanon as a Theologian

As should be clear, I think Fanon’s writing are theologically relevant, not just in the sense that he offers criticisms theologians need to address but also that he offers a trajectory–intellectual, social–that theologians should follow. I’ve been rereading some sections … Continue reading

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Writing, Not Blogging (still more on religion and death)

Why do we adore The Slaughtered Ox? Because without our knowing it or wanting it, it is our anonymous humanity. We are not Christ, never Christ…no I will not speak of this. –H. Cixous I have not been blogging but … Continue reading

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A Misbegotten Child? Christianity, Postmodernism, and the Secular State

Modern Continental philosophy is very much the misbegotten child of theology, indeed a kind of secularized theology; even at present its governing themes everywhere declare its filiation….There are theologians who believe theology has something to learn from and contribute to … Continue reading

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How the Church Lost Power (thoughts on some reviews)

A couple of recent books–one reviewed on The Other Journal and one reviewed on Per Caritatem–seem to develop what is now becoming a commonplace argument in theological circles.  In the effort to revitalize a kind of Christian politics that is … Continue reading

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The Promise and Failure of "the Secular"

One of the strange features in the Milbank article discussed in my previous post was his mention of the necessity to physically defend “the physical space” of the church “in the name of secular justice.”  This surprising endorsement of “the … Continue reading

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The Secularity of the Word (Barth, Summary of I/1, §5)

Invariably, then, faith is acknowledgment of our limit and acknowledgment of the mystery of God’s word, acknowledgment of the fact that our hearing is bound to God himself, who now leads us through form to content and now from content … Continue reading

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